The outbound call center vouches that they are the best who know his clients and the customers the best and uses the telemarketing outbound technology according to the needs of the clients and the customer they are serving. The main aim of the call center is to heighten the sale of the products and the services and expanding the reach over a greater geographical extension.

Some of the services rendered by most of the up-to-date call centers are enhancing the lead generation, checking the up sells and the cross sells, fixing the appointment with the customers, collecting the debts from the B2B customers and the individuals and the last but not the least verifying the customer identity who are buying the products and the services.

The third party verification service as taken up by the outbound call centers has made a much change in the global market.

This has immensely steered positive reactions from the buyers and the sellers. These this has extended the security of transacting over the phone safeguarding both the clients and the customers. The verification service that is provided by the call center is unique and speaks of high quality. They are much accurate and have initiated the work under the proper guidance of skilled and trained professionals, working in the outbound call center.

There are some unique kinds so f third party verification and they are as under:

1.Open-air verification is the process where the caller reads from the ready scripts. The script is all about the product and the services that the caller is rendering to the customers. Here the whole interaction process the caller questions the customers and the interaction is recorded to verify later.

2.Automated verification process is an automated process where set of questions are recorded in the system and they are played when the callers call the customers. The customers answer the question by pressing the keys on the phone. This process is totally based on IVR process or the voice message broadcasting method.

Some of the unique features of this service as put forward by the outbound system are:

1.Once the sale of the products and the services are confirmed the callers make a prompt response and verify the calls via directly calling the customer or by making a conference call. This is mainly initiated if the customer receives the order online or via fax or e-mail.

2.The callers render the regular detailed reports to the customers as well to the clients enumerating the transaction made by the customers. The customers get their respective details and the clients get the details of all the transaction that re made by the call centers.

3.The report that re sent to the customers carries the details of the date and the time of the transaction, that is processed. Thus, this generates a unique confirmation number of the customers from the call center database.

4.Some of the other services generated by the outbound call center’s verification service are live operator or automated voice response, immediate access to your digital recordings and professional consultation with the customers.

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