Why online backup?

How safe are you photos, videos and documents on your computer at home. At some stage you will lose your computer data, and this can happen at any time.  It could be from fire, theft, or more common issues like a virus, hard drive crash or user error.

Traditional methods of backup like tape, hard drives, and DVDs have a high failure rate. Mowbe’s online backup and online storage solution are secure and less expensive than other methods. Storing data online is no longer a thing of the future. It’s something we use everyday, with our e-mail entirely stored in the cloud. With Mowbe’s online data backup there are several advantages over traditional backup software:

Automatic backup

Online backup is 100% automatic.

All changes you make to files are automatically backed up, with up to 30 offsite backup revisions kept.

Secure storage solutions

You don’t have to worry about losing your external media. Your files / offsite backup are stored in state of the art secure UK data centres at different locations.

Added protection

Your files / offsite backup are replicated several times, so you never run the risk of losing your files / backups.


All files are password protected. Your files / offsite backup are stored in state of the art data centres. Each use military grade AES-245 encryption, and are SSAE16 audited or ISO certified.

Remote backups and offsite backup

With our open access app, you can access your online backup files securely from the web, iPhone, iPad and android devices.

Unlimited online backup

No need to keep purchasing additional external hard drives, or DVD’s as you run out of space.

Mowbe offer unlimited online data backup.

Easy Restore

Using backup software, users must have access to the backup medium to restore data. Mowbe online backup offers one click restore from anywhere, with up to 30 offsite backup revisions kept.

Cost of cloud storage and online data backup

With the price of cloud storage becoming cheaper, and the speeds of the Internet faster, it is now more cost effective to use an online storage solution, than backup software with more traditional backup media.

No backup software required

No need to purchase or upgrade expensive backup software. Simply install mowbe’s free online backup client on to your computer, and the online backup client will backup all your files automatically.

No external media required

There is no hardware to buy or maintain, and no consumable media that can degrade over time. Our cloud storage keeps all your files safe and secure.

Compatible with PC or MAC

With Mowbe online backup and online storage solutions, it does not matter what OS you use. Mowbe’s backup client will work on either PC or MAC.


Mowbe provide 7 days a week support by email, with all emails answered within 24 hours. With traditional backup software you don’t get any support.

Free trial

Mowbe offer a 14-day free trial of their online backup backup solution.

Not only is online backup and online storage solutions available for home PC users, but mowbe offers data storage solutions for business users also.

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