A Ghana News Agency [GNA] story that was posted on SPYGHANA a couple of weeks ago had the president Mr. John Dramani Mahama, urging Ghanaians in foreign countries to return home.

Mr. Fred Tay
Mr. Fred Tay

The story had it that the president assured all that his government would pursue measures that would attract most Ghanaians living in foreign destinations to come home and lend their support to national development.

According to the state media the president said this whiles addressing the Ghanaian community in Cotonou as part of his two day state visit to the republic of Benin.

The president call was received with kind heart by many Ghanaians who are ever ready to return to the motherland and with their acquired expertise will help move the country forward.

But the question these patriotic Ghanaians are asking is what has the president put in place or in turn putting in place to ensure that their return to the motherland becomes a successful one?

What they seems to be saying is that almost all the past presidents who visited Canada appealed to Ghanaians who are engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, journalists, business men and many other professionals to return home with their expertise but failed to come out with concrete programmes to achieve that aim.

A couple of years ago, late president John Atta Mills visited Canada where he like ex-president Kufuor, also made the appeal to Ghanaian scholars to come home but no follow up was made.

To make sure that the president achieve his mission of winning the hearts of many Ghanaian experts living in foreign destinations to return and lend their support to national development, some Ghanaian expertise in Toronto have suggested that he should ?appoint a high commissioner or consul general who will carry out such programme.

Currently, two Ghanaian national diplomats have finished serving their terms of office in Canada and since returned to Ghana or about to return to Ghana for the president to appoint their successors soon.

These national diplomats are the Ghanaian High Commissioner to Canada Mr. Samuel Valis Akyeanu and the consul general Mr. Kofi Mawutor who have all discharged their duties diligently.

As some Ghanaians in a town hall meeting two years ago appealed to the late president John Atta Mills to appoint diplomats with high intent of mentorship and emancipation programmes in mind, same these experts who want to remain unanimous are calling on the president to appoint consul generals who will help him realize his mission of attracting Ghanaian experts in foreign lands to come back home.

One name on the lips of these experts who are willing to heed to the president call to return home and want the president to appoint to fill the vacant position of the consul general position of the Ghanaian mission in Toronto is Togbui Zonyira, the chief of Angloga who is known in private life as Mr. Fred Tay.

Togbui Zonyira, an academician who teaches in a high school as well as a visiting lecturer to Toronto University, have all the qualities to be appointed to fill that position to work to perfection the government policies for the betterment of citizens resident in Canada.

A major background check revealed that the potential diplomat is a mentor who on quiet scenes has brought about positive change in the life of many Ghanaian youths in Canada by acquiring expertise in various professions since they landed in this foreign destination.

What will interest the president to know is that many of these youthful Ghanaians he mentored after acquiring their knowledge and skills in various professions upon his counseling returned to the motherland and are now applying their expertise in various departments and agencies at the moment.

Togbui Zonyira, who is also a broadcast journalist host a programme African Sun Splash on CHRY 105.5 F.M at York University 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3, where he uses his programme to educate the Ghanaian community on many important issues.

He educates the youth to hate crime and commit most of their time to acquiring skills in their ever wished professions of which after could compete at the job market. Not that alone, he also educates the people about Ghanaian tradition and culture as well as tourist sites which when visited will live with one forever.

With such capabilities of a patriotic Ghanaian living in a foreign country such as Canada, there is no doubt that when appointed the consul general to Toronto-Canada, will help the president achieve his aim.

All said and done, the president has appealed to Ghanaians living in diaspora to come back home but to achieve this he must first of all appoint the men who will see to it that this is fulfilled and Togbui Zonyira won?t disappoint the president.

All for the president to do is to work on his appointment and sit back to watch him delivering the services.


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