Komla Dumor
Komla Dumor: Life And Living It
Komla Dumor
Komla Dumor

The world and its inhabitants mourn the sudden demise of one of its illustrious voices in broadcast journalism. Although he belongs gloriously to the living dead, his unique accomplishments echo eternally in the hearts of many who admired him for the quality he exuded on the set.

From the Multimedia fraternity to the enviable BBC pride, he typified what a true African is capable of when given the opportunity to make the world a lovely realm. He stood for what was good, upright and mediocre held no sway over his phenomenal performance. Selfless and passionate he was in his dedicated service to Africa and the world.

Now, he has left an endless void but without something for the living to brood over. His legacy and best of lifestyle are emblems for all to emulate. As he journeys from the earth to make eternity his abode, the Chief Bard of Ghanaland whispered across the horizon these words:


He counted for a period,

But firmly is he planted

In the hearts of the living.

In the ears daily drumming,

The world loved his voice,

The voice without noise

That nursed seeds of flair

To inspire others to aspire.

Along a benign breeze buzzes

And his selfless harmony hums

On into endless generations.

The world stands still in salute

For a sourly missed asset.

Afeke, your momentary mortality

Has eternally enriched eternity,

Only for the world to wonder:

Will there be another Komla Dumor?

SOURCE: OKOFO DARTEY SAMUEL???? E-MAIL: [email protected]


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