Kencity Media Ltd., operators of Accra-based Oman FMand Net2 Television, is complaining bitterly about breaks in its transmissions in the Eastern, Volta and Greater Accra Regions of the country.

The transmission of Oman FM was last Tuesday jammed right from morning to night, preventing listeners of the radio station and its affiliate stations in and outside Ghana from listening to their favourite programmes.

Avid listeners of the station complained thatOman FM was deliberately jammed to deny its listeners the opportunity to listen to their favourite political programme, ?Boiling Point.?

The situation, according to management, aggravated during the official launching of the Let My Vote Count Alliance last week Sunday.

Started few years ago, the bi-weekly programme, Boiling Pointhas provided the platform for partyactivities to express their views on the goings-on in the country, particularly the pending electoral petition before the Supreme Court.

The political programme is transmitted live by sister radio stations across the country and is one which brings the nation to a halt on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The motive behind the last Tuesday jamming, Today discovered,was to deny listeners information about proceedings of theSupreme Courthearings,particularly after NDC?s celebrated legal luminary, TsatsuTsikata, was barred from commenting on the substantive case.

Apart from Justice William Atuguba, all the eight (8) Supreme Court justices tasked him to formally file to comment on the case.

Speaking on Oman FM on the issue, Director of Radio at Kencity Media, Mr. Kwabena Kwakye, said hesuspected ?somebody just didn?t want them to inform their listeners on burning issues in the country.?

?I pity those who are using power to sabotage the radio station. This is unfair. We are being sent to the dark ages,? he lamented.

He recounted how Kencity Media Group (Oman FM, Ash FM and Net 2 Television) were deliberately jammed during the electioneering campaign, a situation which extended even beyond the elections.

When Today contacted Mr.Kwakye, who also doubles as the host of the Boiling Point, he confirmed knowledge of the situation, and added that his outfit is doing its own investigations on the matter.



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