Eland International Ghana Limited, is alleging that its account at the National Investment Bank (NIB) has been raided by unknown persons.

The company was incorporated in Ghana in 1997 and was importing a variety of goods for distribution locally and in the ECOWAS sub-region.

It also supplied goods on credit to the Ghana Armed Forces Institute (GAFI) the Electricity Company of Ghana and some unspecified government departments.

Company documents in the possession of The Insight indicate that an amount of US$ 415,000 was transferred from Eland?s offices in Thailand and Hong Kong into its accounts at the NIB.

The money was meant to facilitate the discharge and transportation of goods it had imported into the country and was lodged in account number 400-12114048-10.

Company sources insist that no withdrawals were made from the account and yet it is empty.

In 1999 Eland began negotiations with the Ghana Armed Forces to build 10,000 houses for armed forces personnel on long term credit.

-The Insight


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