A Legislator of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) Ibrahim Ahmed has warned that his party risks losing the 2016 elections if the riotous behaviour by some youth supporters against the President?s nominees for Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives is not quelled.

According to the Banda Member of Parliament, the strong opposition to some of the President?s nominees is borne out of lack of consultation with the MPs and the grassroots supporters of the party as far as.the appointments are concerned.

?The worst [part] of this is that even Members of Parliament were not consulted and that is the main reason why these things are happening?, he argued.

The concerns of the Banda Lawmaker come on the
heels of two separate riotous incidents perpetrated by supporters of the NDC in connection with the President?s recent appointments.

Irate youth supporters of the NDC, on Thursday, torched five vehicles belonging to the Nkwanta North District Assembly in the Volta region to demonstrate their displeasure with the President?s re-nomination of the incumbent District Chief Executive for the same position.

The angry youth say Livingstone Gyato is a mole within the NDC and were therefore befuddled by his re-appointment by the President.

A week earlier, there had been similar violence and mayhem in Salaga in the Northern region following the President?s nomination of Aminu Lukman as District Chief Executive.

Irate youth of the Party vandalised the party?s Constituency office and destroyedproperty to express their disagreement with the President.

Speaking on Radio XYZ?s news magazine programme Strict Proof on Friday, Mr. Ahmed said the party must address the concerns of the aggrieved party members rather than take hasty decisions which could haunt the NDC in the 2016 general elections.



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