PWDs at the engagement forum
PWDs at the engagement forum

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has engaged People living With Disabilities (PWDs) in the Bawku Municipality and its environs on constitutional and civic duties of the citizenry.

The engagement is part of the annual constitutional week celebration by the NCCE to commemorate the country’s return to democratic rule and to show the significant strides towards achieving uninterrupted stable democratic governance.

Mr Daniel Laar Baya, Bawku Municipal officer in charge of the NCCE at an engagement meeting with the (PWDs) in Bawku on Tuesday said the NCCE among other things was established to champion the course of transparency and accountability in the country.

Mr Baya said the theme for the celebration; ”Our Nation, Our Heritage: Consolidating Ghana’s Democratic Gains” showcased how the country had sustained constitutional rule for more than two decades and conducted successful periodic elections.

He noted that the elections saw peaceful transfer of power from one elected government to another, a feature that remained envious in the democratic history of Ghana to the rest of the world.

Mr Baya bemoaned the low demand for accountability from duty bearers and low offer of transparency by public office holders’ engagements with the citizenry and urged the PWDs to champion the course of seeking accountability and transparency on public management from duty bearers because it was their rights.

He reminded the PWDs that disability was not inability and said the constitution allowed them to seek their rights anytime they were not satisfied with issues regarding their welfare in society.” There is the need to uphold critical values of society including; respect for the rule of law, demand for accountability and transparency, dedication to duty as well as civic participation in governance especially at the local level”, he added.

Mr Baya called on Ghanaians to continue to shun corruptible acts such as bribery, embezzlements, nepotism, money laundry, extortion, tax evasion, among others as these acts impeded the development of the country.

Mr Charles Akpeniba, Chairman for the Federation of PWDs in the Bawku area noted that programmes of such nature were of great benefit to the PWDs, especially those at rural areas who may have little knowledge about their rights.

He commended the NCCE on its efforts to enlighten the PDWs on such issues of national importance and urged other development partners such as Non-Governmental Organisations, groups, and individuals to set up to bring the PWDs closer to the decision-making platform to enable them participate effectively.



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