ACP Angwubutoge Awuni in a group photograph with the drivers

THE 5TH EDITION of the National Driver?s Forum has opened in Accra.

The workshop organized by the National Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (N/MTTU) in collaboration with National Institute for Social Advocacy (NISA) is aimed at ensuring safety and sanity on our roads.

About 120 drivers were drawn from various institutions in the country to participate in the two-day joint institutional training workshop.

The drivers will be taken through lessons in areas such as defensive driving, auto fire safety, car care and maintenance, tyre braking and skidding and road educational tours among others.

Addressing participants during the opening ceremony, ACP Angwubutoge Awuni, Commanding Officer in charge of the N/MTTU said the police MTTU regarded drivers as the principle players in road safety.

He said the core task of the police MTTU was not just to enforce road traffic laws, but as an organization with a global police mandate, its major goal and vision was also to save lives and property.

ACP Awuni said road accidents had resulted in the needless loss of lives, maiming of citizens and total their incapacitation in some cases.

?Ironically, over 80% of road accidents occur as a result of human error and these include driving under the influence of alcohol, excessive speeding, the impatience and intolerance of drivers, wrongful overtaking and many other acts of indiscipline by road users.?

The N/MTTU commander maintained that most of the road crashes captured under human error revolved around the lack of competence on the part of drivers which he noted was essential if the country was to successfully eliminate preventable road accidents.

Adding that the nationwide road accident statistics were discouraging, he said the new focus of the police MTTU was to empower passengers and pedestrians through awareness to serve as frontline enforcers by reporting recalcitrant drivers to the police.

The commanding officer urged drivers to play their part to help completely eliminate road crashes in the country.

By Linda Tenyah


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