I wonder why this nation refused to grow up ? why is it that they hate to see PROGRESSIVE fixed into position ?
This Lady who served as CHIEF OF STAFF,COMMISSIONER FOR FINANCE AND BUDGET PLANNING under GOV OBI ,she served as MDG head in the state .

unnamed (2)
I am talking about PROF CHINYERE OKUNNA.

She excelled and she is over qualified for any job [but not as a Governor ,not yet in ALAIGBO] ,i am suprise that NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY searched for VC and they were blind to see that she is more than qualified .
While Prez Jonathan is establishing people to man MINISTRIES ,did,nt his SECRET service whisper to his ear that we have a better replacement for PROF DORA AKUNYILI ?

I weep for Nigeria for we lack sight and understanding ,no nation that worths it’s onus that will allow such a GIFT to be idle even for 5 minutes . ..PLEASE i wish to correct the last line ,where i said ” to be idle even for 5 minutes”.

I wish to state for the record that ..

PROF OKUNNA worked with Anambra State Government for eight consecutive years in various capacities.
SHE is a full Professor of Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK).
She was on Leave of Absence from the university throughout her service in Government.She resumed work in UNIZIK immediately after she left Government: the Peter Obi Executive Council was dissolved on Friday 11 April 2014; She resumed work in UNIZIK on Monday 14th April.

2. Her work at UNIZIK is going very well. I am even beginning to think that she is as busy now as she was in Government during the hectic years of the Peter Obi Administration, particularly during the period when she was occupying the omnibus/combined portfolio of Commissioner, Chief of Staff, Chairman of MDGs Implementation Committee etc.

At the risk of not sounding modest or let me call it the way it is , I can say that she is one of the busiest Professors in Nigeria today: in addition to there being very few professors of Mass Communication (in comparison with many other disciplines), she is the only female professor of Mass Communication in active academic work in the country today.

3.Currently she is the Head of the Department of Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.
* So, a Nigerian woman who is doing all this, while juggling with a number of other culturally/traditionally assigned roles in our type of society, cannot be said to be idle!!! as i erroneously ascribed.

Please note the correction ,it is mistake of the head and not of the heart.


Source: Mazi Odera



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