My Self Help will help you become the person you would like to be. One leads by example, so to be successful you must be the shining measure of your own life. I turned my life around by taking three simple steps. You can do the same. First, collect information. Second, decide which information will become a part of your daily practice. Third and last, believe in what you do while you are at it. That is how I turned my life around.

 You start by gathering all sorts of tips and advices that may help you along the way you choose to walk. One great place to start is precisely the place you are at. Then you can look some insights from very successful people who can become a role model in your path.

Nowadays there is so much information available that you may not know which one is true.

This takes us to the second step: decide based on your inner feeling of truth and then see if it works. That happened to me regarding daily affirmations – there always seemed to be something missing from them. So I dismissed their practice as presented in the most popular self-help books and tried something else and that made part of the process of how I turned my life around. You are free to walk away from a method that doesn’t work for you. So try and keep the teaching more useful for you in each moment.

 The third and final step is to apply what you have learnt in your daily life, but more importantly you should do it with purpose and belief. To believe in what you are doing now is the best known formula to be successful in what you do. Lack of focus and dispersion will lead you nowhere.

Julius Cæsar, a great man of the Ancient Roman Empire, says that in order to be a leader one should «audere, agerre, auferre» (to be bold, to act, to win).

Here we invite you to be a leader of your own life. You can seize all the opportunities that come your way to improve your day-to-day steps through each decision you make.

 Life is a tapestry of options available at a given time. Each thought you have, each feeling you nurture will configure the main threads at your disposal. It is true that you can only work with what you have; but there are many different perspectives on how you could use what you have got for the best purposes.

To consider all options made part of how I turned my life around. Make happiness, not greediness, a measure of your own ability to succeed. Try to favor happy over possession and you will find out that could be very liberating.

 Precious moments helped me to know how I turned my life around. An object can wither and die, but no one can take from you the moments you have lived by yourself or with your loved ones.

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