Mr Anas argues that there is no law which bars the methods he employs to execute his projects.


He maintains in an interview with BBC’s Sammy Darko that he has used a similar approach to all the undercover projects he has executed for several international organisations in many parts of world.

He does not comprehend why it should be different here in Ghana especially where he does not see any laws which prevent him from exposing wrong things in society to the benefit of the public.

“Undercover journalism is acceptable in any part of the world. I have worked in many international media organisations and this same undercover journalism is done there. So, when undercover is done in the West then it is good, but when you do undercover in Africa then it is bad?” he asked.

“Undercover [journalism] must always be the last resort that is key and whatever you do must be in the public interest. Tell me which work I have done which is not in the interest of the public?” he queried.

Former Attorney General Martin has accused Anas of using illegal means to mount surveillance on Ghanaians and track the activities of citizens. He has labelled the undercover journalist a “criminal” who has aligned himself with government and operated “fraudulently” without legal permission.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has received wide international recognition and several awards including the Heroes Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award by the US Department of State for his contribution to the elimination of human trafficking; the Every Human Has Rights Award from France; the Grand Norbert Zongo Prize in Investigative journalism; as well as the Segbo Excellence in Investigative Journalism and Africa Achievers Awards.

The Ghana Journalists Association awarded him the best in anti-corruption reporting. The Association awarded him Best Investigative Reporter in 2006 and 2008 and honoured him as Journalist of the Year in 2006. Also in 2010, he was awarded the Global Health Council Award.

Source: Ghana/ Apinga


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