The best thing that every nation can give to her youthful citizenry is
‘Education’. The best tool that as Africans we can use to stand firmly
and in fervency against these riotous oppressions is an educational
system which seeks to inculcate and imbibe into her future generations
all the elementary embodiments of the true state of African culture
and values.

Over the years, Afrika has come into a still situation of how it can
develop. Most of her nations and citizenry are wallowing in abject
poverty. It is however a fact that, the fate of every nation depends
heavily on the concomitant of education in today’s 21st Century.

Education is paramount and very critical in development. Many western
and eastern countries that are now enjoying in terms of rapid economic
development is as a result of the high premium they placed on

What we must understand is that, this form of education from the
western world has little relevancy to Afrika’s amelioration. For
instance, the western form of education which emanated as a result of
colonialism has not been able to ractify the myriad problems impinging
on our development.

The colonial system of education which lays more emphasis on “bookish
knowledge”, throw more light on the methodics of “chew-pour-pass” with
little or no emphasis on technical and pragmatic knowledge acquisition
thus breeding in graduate with half-baked knowledge who cannot
contribute to solving the problems thwarting our efforts to progress.

Afrika countries are facing numerous challenges. The challenges cut
across all spectrum in areas of socio-political and economic
development. The cedi keeps falling like the tower of Babel whilst
abject poverty, generational inherited corruption, chronic diseases
with no remedy, hunger and the prevalent strifes and wars keeps
suffocating Afrika like a sudden apocalypse.

On the basis of this, to turn things round to steam the wheels of
rapid economic development, our leaders must therefore distinguish
between what makes us true Africans and that which dispels our notions
and mental faculties as aliens.

We must find apparent illustrative, elaborative, effective and
efficacious modalities of building our solidarity as continent and
nations through and “Africonscious educational system”.

Africa’s Greatest future pride lieth not in her vast natural resources
as evident in her cocoa, gold, diamond, bauxite, timber, coffee,
plantain and the wheels of marigold (oil). Her future thus lieth in
her human capacities and capabilities.

In this light, more avenues must be created to breed a system of
education that is in tune with the cultural traits of Afrika and which
also places more emphasis on pragmatic and technical education. When
these are done, Afrika would be able to combat the shades of all these
myriad problems fraughting her abilities to develop.


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