A Good MLM Prospecting System Includes Lead Capture Pages

An MLM prospecting system is a system designed to help generate and contact potential leads. The best of the MLM tools for helping generate leads is a capture page. This is a web page that is created to capture people’s interest quickly and motivate them to send you contact information so you can draw them in with more detail.

The first step in encouraging MLM leads is having a good headline at the top of your capture page. It needs to be short and catchy while giving some hint of what your company can do for people; such as help them gain financial freedom or enjoy better health. It has been found extra helpful to have the headline written in red and in quotation marks. This will help capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to see the headline message as being of extra importance.

Provide an Offer
A good MLM prospecting system will include an answer to people’s underlying question about any sort of business offer: What’s in it for me? A successful lead capture page will offer up the means to find that answer.

The offer could be a testimonial, a business report, or anything that will give a tidbit of information that entices the visitor, but does not offer up all the information they need. Whatever you choose to offer, make sure it includes relevant and up to date information.

Multimedia Segments
To really capture the attention of potential MLM leads, the capture page should include an audio and/or a video clip. These should start playing immediately upon opening the capture page. Your MLM prospecting system needs to engage people’s attention right away, so whatever is playing on the capture page will need to catch their interest within the first ten seconds.

Not only does an audio or video clip capture people’s attention, but it also helps individualize your capture page, which will help you stand out in their minds.

Interest Points

Beneath the multimedia clips, there needs to be a list of interest points that will entice visitors to explore your MLM business in more depth. As part of the MLM prospecting system, provide only enough information to encourage people to look deeper, but not reveal the whole premise of the MLM business. Include some interesting statistics; mention the benefits that can come from working within this particular company, and how you have helped others in the past. These little information tidbits will entice MLM leads to search for more information.

Contact Information Form
The last piece to include in the lead capture page is a form for your new MLM lead to fill out. This form should ask for only the most basic contact information, such as first name and e-mail. The less you ask of people, the more likely they are to commit a tiny bit of information which you can then use to connect with them at a later date. A successful MLM prospecting system will generate MLM leads through building relationships in small steps like these.

Having a well-designed lead capture page will be of insurmountable value when searching for MLM leads. It is one of the best and easiest MLM tools to create and use.

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