Visual Studio 11 (also called “vNext”) is the next generation of IDE from Microsoft. It seamlessly spans the entire lifecycle of a software application starting from design and architecture phases to coding, testing, validation, and deployment.

 This new version sports improvements in multi-monitor support, toolbox, IDE search, solution explorer, filtering capabilities, performance improvements with reduced memory usage, explorer search, etc. In essence, Visual Studio 11 provides an IDE that is simpler, easy to use, faster, and rich with new features. In this article, I examine many of these features in addition to the new features in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

The new features of importance in Visual Studio 11 include:

·   Support for developing Metro-styleapplications and enhanced support for game application development.

·        Better JavaScript tools.

·        Improved diagnostics support.

·            Support for analysis of code duplication and cloning.

·            Support for exploratory testing and enhanced support for unit testing.

·            Enhanced support for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

·            Support for local, simulator, and remote debugging.

·            Support for IIS Express as the default integrated Web server.

·            Support for smart tasks.

·            Support for creating user controls from Web pages.

·            Event handler generation from markup.

Visual studio 2011 provides a new development experience from architecture to coding and testing.It includes new features for Asynchronous programming for VB.Net & C#.Now you can develop applications which targets to cloud computing.Smart Task: Visual Studio 2011 Introduce smart task for complex & commonly used features. now using smart task you can add data source to your data repeater control from source view it self, earlier this feature is based on properties.ASP.Net MVC 4It has solid integration with HTML 5 and CSS3.Now you can run your application in design mode, just to see how your page will looks in actual. Good News for JavaScript developer, Now it’s new editor is based on IE10, it has the features like automatic matching of braces, you can move to the definition, You can develop metro style application. You can develop enhanced games on VS 2011

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