King Vuvu 3Michael Nii Lartey is a budding Ghanaian artiste popularly known as King Vuvu. He was born in Mamprobi on 23rd march 1987.

King Vuvu also known as ?Fire Man? is making a mission to buck on the bawdy side of Dancehall & Reggae music; using his lyrics with an African drum as a major key to address social issues and educate the youth within the Rastafarian sect and beyond.

As a child, he was named Nii Otu which means “King Otu” ? thus, he always saw himself as a royal. During his teenage years, he would absent himself from school to secretly keep up with music lessons. He would sneak out with his friends to nurture his musical talent. School authorities became familiar with his strength in music and put him forth in musical activities.

King Vuvu was very a good footballer; he played in the school?s team, did debates and also performed stage dramas. He also took part in the ever popular ?Fun World? activities which happened at the National Theatre in Accra; performed at anniversaries and a tall list of outdoor community events.

He felt he needed to explore more ? to have his own space to nurture his talent without ?family hindrance? he left home and took to the streets of Tabora-Alhaji (T.A. City) because some family would not accept the fact that he wanted to do music and school at the same time, which they found ?impossible? for him to fuse both concurrently, during those teenage days…

He spent sleepless nights doing odd jobs around the community while he was 18. As his music career grew steadily, he left the streets of Alhaji to Mamprobi (where he was born). He became very popular with his music on the African drum (jimb?, known in Jamaica as the ?Niyabinghi drum?) among the youths. His wild energy for the stage always leave people stunned from head to heel, hence, he was nicknamed ?Fire Man?.

King Vuvu, after the years recorded two cuts ?Africa Arise? and ?One Step Ahead?.

He has now relocated to Tabora-Alhaji (where he grew up). He continued recording more cuts from his catalogue and currently has new singles ?Inna Green?, ?Send Your Blessings?, ?Thinking Thing? (featuring radio king pin, Joni Blaze) among many others.

On the 27th of December 2013, he won a ?Most Vibrant Dancehall Artiste? at a contest. He has performed on several platforms such as Rising Pheonix, K.G Rising, Jugdement Yard, Xfm 95.1 gigs, as well as stages in Nima, Mamobi, New Town and many more.

?I have a spiritual fire in me that burns through my music. The message I carry out in my lyrics are healing to the human soul. With courage, love, faithfulness, I am hopeful of reaching to bigger audience and rocking stages across the world with my style of music. I want to reach out to all ghetto youths to rise and awake from their sleep and hope for a better future for us all and the generation to come. I am the only Dancehall & Reggae artiste across the world who carries and plays jimb? drum to stage and play it. That makes me very unique from what others always do. I am uniquely different and I thank God for blessing me with such a great talent. SEEK JAH MORE and DON’T STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING?? King Vuvu says.

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