Efficient data storage is a vital service for any business, but this is especially the case when it comes to medical information. From client records to patient history, this is data that must be stored, not only confidentially, but also protectively. Should the primary computer or storage unit fail, an easy to access backup is essential. With the help of Etech 7, every file and bit of data is efficiently stored, either on-site or off-site, both of which are encrypted and protected from possible outside threats. The loss of important data is often a critical error, resulting in 93 percent of companies closing doors and shutting down after such a critical loss of data. With Etech 7 and the company’s backup services, this won’t happen to you.

Onsite Data Backup

Onsite data backup services through Etech 7 allow you to maintain and service your own backup information, should you ever need instant access to the information.

The onsite backup contains water and fire proof hard drives, all of which mirror saved information on the primary hard drive. This way, whenever you save new information from a client or business order, the data backup software automatically saves said information to the backup hard drive, without requiring you to perform any extra steps or tasks. In fact, you’ll never even know the backup storage units are functioning, unless you manually inspect the drives. The point of the business data backup drives isn’t to draw attention, but to serve in the case of need.

Offsite Backup

Computer storage is quickly moving away from on site hard drives to cloud based services. Cloud based computer is essentially a wireless network drive you have access to anywhere there is an Internet connection. When a file is saved, a duplicate file is sent to your company’s cloud server. This way, even if every single computer on the office network goes down, you can bring in a different computer, log onto the cloud network, and retrieve every piece of information, without even downloading the content, saving you resources and, most importantly, time. Having an offsite cloud service through Etech 7 also allows employees to look up client information while on the road or on vacation, so no matter where in the world you may find yourself, should you need access to backed up data, all you need to do is log into the cloud account (which is comparable to signing into an email account), then search through the backed up data for the specific information you desire.

Data Monitoring.

Regardless of the form of business data backup you select for your medical company, Etech 7 provides real-time, 24 hour data monitoring. This way, the company is capable of tracking how and when files are accessed. Should the account interaction with a user appear suspicious, Etech7 has the ability to directly contact you and notify you of the occurrence, which serves as an effective safety net, should someone from outside your network attempt to hack into the secured backup data files. Medical records are confidential, which requires continual monitoring to ensure all files and information are safe.

Running a company is tough, so the less you worry the more time you have to focus on actually improving the performance of the company. Business data backup solutions should not be an item of concern, so make sure to put your mind at ease and select a confident company, capable of saving and backing up your important medical files in a variety of ways, giving you the best choice of client and company data storage.

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