Exciting SaaS Technologies

SaaS (software as a service) model software is the exciting future and is completely replacing legacy software solutions. In a nutshell, these software solutions enable direct access to your favorite software solutions without the tedious hassles of software installation or upgrades. What this means is your software now is completely accessible from any computer or device connected to the internet. There is no longer issues with outdated software or upgrades due to the developers constant access to the software. All the maintenance hassles are handled outside the realm of your own workstation. Additional benefits to the include and are not limited to; remote access from any device, not just the device the software was installed on, less expensive pricing or software leasing solutions, no data or storage leach, and lastly no need for expensive and high processing hardware.

By moving to a SaaS solution your organization will benefit with huge cost and time savings.

What’s with All the SAAS

Technology and it’s plethora of buzz words can cripple the average consumer and even scare away potential end users before they even know what it is they thought they needed. Some of these buzz words that seem to be creeping up more and more often are SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS. So the questing is “what is all this #aas about”? All of these terms refer to taking some comfort in the technology “cloud”, yet another buzz word with miles of meaning and infinite misconceptions. SAAS (software as a service) simply refers to the end of buying, downloading, and installing software on your personal home computer, yet still running that software.

How is this possible? Well this is where the cloud comes in. Cloud simply refers to giant storage databases sitting in some location that has your software installed on them. How this software is accessed is through the internet, (something that every consumer under 70 understands in this day and age). Running SAAS software from a cloud is as upcoming and inevitable as iPod’s or HD tv. We must learn to embrace this new technology or else be left behind.

Documents in the Cloud

With today’s emerging technologies, dozens of small cloud storage company’s have spawned, developing software that enables technology users to store documents and files on cloud servers. These SAAS (software as a solutions) companies have taken the pressure off our hands by offering us a solution that stores precious content in case our own storage devices AKA (home PC’s, plug and play hard drives) fail us. This has happened to all of us. The blue screen of death can mean a complete lose of everything we have worked so hard to maintain for years or even decades leaving us with the need to either start from the beginning or send our broken devices out to highly expensive restoration services in the hopes they are able to salvage some of or lost files. The majority of these SAAS providers typically store our files on not only one server but multiple servers in different locations across the country in the case of a serious outage with one of the locations. Cloud technologies has brought us some fantastic advantages over the old way of storing files and can allow us to get some peace of mind when we lay down at night.

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