Phy Ng'etich (lady) holds the dummy cheque after winning Maisha Superstar . Net. (File)

Phy Ng?etich (lady) holds the dummy cheque after winning Maisha Superstar . Net. (File)

Phyllis, popularly known on stage as Phy, fended off her closest contender, Ugandan rookie Spirit Soul in Maisha Superstar that brought together the biggest names in the East African entertainment industry among them star mentors Rabbit and Nameless from Kenya, Maurice Kirya and Jose Chameleone of Uganda and AY and Shaa from Tanzania.

Maisha Superstar final episode lived to the expectations of the fans with outstanding performances from the final four rookies namely Spirit Soul, Damian Soul and Fi-lah as well as their star mentors. The evening witnessed thrilling collabos by each rookie and their mentor with Jose Chameleone stealing the show when he performed his latest singles Valu Valu and Wale Wale with his rookie Spirit Soul, earning a rousing applause from the studio audience.

Maisha Superstar is the latest music TV reality show in the region whose journey began 13 weeks ago with the search for the final six rookies. The first four episodes of the show saw a number of rookies being eliminated after being taken through rigorous auditions by their mentors resulting in only one being chosen by each of the six mentors.

Phy?s journey to the top started on a high note following three weeks of topping the Maisha Superstar chart with scores exceeding 90s elevating her on a pedestal that the other rookies could not reach for the remainder of the show.


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