Traders at Madina market have sent strong signals to the La-Nkwatanang-Madina Municipal Assembly (LNMMA) that they would resist any attempt tomove them back them to the new market.

The traders many of who spoke to Today indicated that ?there are no spaces and shelves for them at the new market to sell their wares.?

Others claimed that they sell on the shoulders of the road because ?some buyers feel reluctant to buy in the market. Accordingly, we would continue to sell at the roadside to make ends meet.?

Most of them indicated that they were aware of the ultimatum by the Assembly to eject them from the roadside, however, they would resist any such attempt.

?We are ever ready to face any task force or police who would dare come and confront us to leave the roadside. How can we feed ourselves and our family,?? a coconut seller lamented.

Today discovered that some traders prefer to sell on the shoulders of the road to avoid paying a daily toll of GH?7 before they are allowed to sell.

It was also observed that the presence of the traders by the roadside causes severe vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the main Madina to Adenta and Madina to AshalleyBotwe roads.

The situation created congestion along the roads which endangered livesof consumers and traders.

And although theMadina-Adenta road is still undergoing construction,the movement of the heavy road construction equipment and the dust has not deterred the women from selling their goods by the roadside.

The La-Nkwatanang-MadinaMunicipal Assembly was carved out of the Ga East Municipal Assembly in June 2012 as one of the new districts.

Currently, there is no municipal chief executive and the Presiding Member, Alhaji Baba Ibram,is in charge.

The Assembly has given traders up to March 4, 2013 to leave the roadside or face the full rigours of the law.



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