Men and women found in our public sector have been engaged to provide variety of services to the nation.

Wherever they find themselves they must know that they will enjoy their stay at work only when they work in harmony with their senior and junior colleagues. A visit to our offices in many of our ministries and departments would reveal that all seem to be well with the workers.

However, reports reaching us of late is that there are some workers in some establishments who are hurting inside due to maltreatments being meted out to them by their superior officers. We know that all officials who violate rules governing their establishments must be punished but such punishments are required to be measured and commensurate with the offence committed as given in the public service rules.

But what do we see some heads of departments seem to be engaged in high handedness while dealing with insubordination, lateness and other offences committed by their junior employees. Heads of departments are right in raising queries to be followed by the right punishments when employees violate office rules. But I don’t think that they have the right to take the law in their hands by inflicting capital punishments on them. We hear of some heads of departments going beyond bounds by hurling insults on their employees when they go wrong.

That for me is wrong for it can elicit horrible reactions from affected employees. An example of this kind of atrocity happened at the Tema General Hospital where a Doctor Lawrence Hoedoafia allegedly battered an anesthetist Regina Afia Biama on duty. We learnt that the lady was late to work and it is known that this really calls for a query and the right punishment. But the doctor took it upon himself to inflict physical punishment on her after hurling insults on her. The question is, as a doctor is he the right person to deal with employees who report late to work? At the moment the lady wants to report the matter to the police having suffered bodily pains as she claimed. However, she is being prevailed upon to drop the case to be dealt with internally.

This is sad because the doctor failed to do the right thing. He might be right but because he chose the wrong way of settling the issue in question he has found himself on the wrong side of the law and has given himself up to be ‘mishandled’ in the social and mainstream media. Let’s take it easy when we find ourselves working in the public sector. whether or not we find ourselves in the top echelon of the work force we must follow the right channels of dealing with issues in our workplaces.

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai