Technology has come to stay, it has come to transform and put to a stop those works that previously put our lives in peril.

But some of us;Ghanaians, are hesitant to accept this positive change.We would rather stick to our old and mostly crude ways because its cheaper.

But is that really the case? Time is money and so if u waste it, then you are rather losing money.Also money is going to be used for your treatment when you eventually become sick.

Why wont we increase productivity with the use of technology? Also, by so doing we stay away from health risks that may arise from some strenuous and dangerous tasks.

In Ghana our patronage of technological products (especially those produced by our local professionals )is nothing to write home about.

Either they prefer the imported products or they do not patronize at all. The end result is, we do not make progress as a nation.

Technology ,IT to be precise can be the fulcrum for development if we change our attitudes and embrace it.The purpose of this article is a call for all of us Ghanaians especially the youth to push and help the older ones who are running the nation and are at the top to embrace the use of Information Technology as a means to increase productivity.

As part of my efforts I have set up an open group on Facebook called “IT Geeks Gh” for the purpose of coaliting IT professionals in Ghana to fraternize,discuss and promote our cause. Lets come together to facelift this nation by encouraging the use of technology.

By: King Ironzy

Emmanuel Romeo Boateng-Hope writing as King Ironzy is a software engineer.


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