By giving your life a chance, you may actually help yourself. Your existence can be a lot healthier and fulfilled if you choose to pursue your own happiness instead of vain objects. No one knows what will be brought to you in the next day, but you can take responsibility for your own options in each moment.

Confidence seems to be difficult to acquire in this world where there is always someone better than you. Beware of appearances though, because sometimes people who seem the most successful are not. Dare to make your happiness the measure of your skills to be in this world. To be confident is to know that, no matter what happens in the external world, you will make it.

 To feel more in tune with your inner being, start to decide small details referring to your day-to-day life.

Besides all the other people and surrounding circumstances, the only able being capable of deciding what is best for you is… you. So help yourself and begin your process of healing by taking baby options towards your full independence.

More money will come as a consequence of your new-discovered trust in the decision-making process. As soon as you feel better about the way you want to go, you will find that taking chances is a part of that self-discovery process. Only you can be you, with your unique talents and specializations. When you see your goal and some of the paths that can lead you there – and when you start walking down that road – you will know that money has a way of finding your wallet.

The law of attraction works fully with respect to prosperity: the wealthier you are and feel and the more you work towards your own idea of success, more easy becomes to get rewarded through what you do.

The secret here is that is not enough to think and feel: you have to do something in order to reap something, or as we use to say: help yourself.

 To improve your relationships, make your own happiness your priority. You will find that happy people attract same – work to become the type of person that you would like to be with. Attraction laws only work for those that strive to be better. So be the person you would like to date.

 In terms of relationships, remember that «sticks and stones may break me my bones, but words will never hurt me». Help yourself by believing in your efforts to become your own success.  Believe yourself with all your heart and mind, even though those around you may not understand what you are trying to achieve.

 In short, to feel more confident, earn more money and improve your relationships, you can give the world the best asset you have: you. If you believe yourself, everything will come your way. If you doubt yourself, you will only find illusion – and disappointment. Dare to be true to your own image of fulfillment no matter what. Help yourself.

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