Lanterns have been in general use over the centuries as a primary source of light. The lantern was what people lived by at night to study, cook, and spend time with family. It was soon outdated though when electricity became widely available. Even when electricity became available it was still used quite often in rural America where electricity had not come yet. It would light the way to the neighbors house, to the barn, or even to the outhouse on those cold winter’s nights. Lanterns have been used for generations, to signal ships to ports. However, the lantern is still used n many forms it has just taken on a new identity with the latest technology.

There  is a wide variety of lanterns on the market that were used in the good ‘ol days, and that are still used today.

The simplest lantern that has been used over the years is the candle lantern. It is simply a candle covered in a tin box. The next type of lantern is the Kerosene lantern this lantern is not as commonly used today and can be found in lantern collections. However, there are ones that you can still purchase and use while you are camping.

The majority of modern lanterns are used by outdoor enthusiast, and campers. Today, though the modern lantern is mostly gas fueled or battery powered. These types of lanterns have replaced the older kerosene lanterns with today’s campers and outdoorsmen. The handling of the liquid fuel can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Today you can still use fuel lanterns these are mostly run on kerosene, ethanol, and gasoline.

The modern electric or battery operated lanterns have become the most popular form of lantern used. These electric lanterns are much safer, simpler, and functional in all forms of weather situations. Some of them use the regular incandescent light bulbs, florescent or the new LED light bulbs. These modern electric ones are extremely light and easily portable. Some of them even come with accessories that allow you to recharge the battery with
solar power or Cranking.

Then of course the newest lantern to the modern age is the Dorcy LED lantern. This lantern is the most advanced yet and can provide a lifetime of light. The LED lights are made to last more than 100000 hours of continuous use. They are brighter, durable and run longer than any other lantern before them.

So, what does the next generation of lanterns hold? Who knows, but I cannot wait to find out?

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