Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr. has questioned the basis for the appointment of the dismissed deputy Minister of Communications Minister of Communications, Victoria Hammah.

He said Ms. Hammah was not qualified to be a minister in the first place.

Miss Hammah was relived of her post Friday after she was heard on a secret tape recoding saying she hoped to make US$1 million in politics.

She is also made damming allegations against government and harshly criticised a colleague deputy minister at the Gender, Children and Social protection minister, Rachael Appoh for courting bad press for boss, Nana Oye Lithur.

Even though government has not linked her dismissal to the leaked tape, Kwesi Pratt believes her sacking was long over due.

?This woman is a beneficiary of the mess at the presidency; she should have been sacked a long time ago?he told Accra-based Radio Gold.

According to him, Victoria Hammah?s ?grievous statements? has done an irreparable damage to the Mahama-led administration.

?This is a minister who goes to give a public speech; she leaves her office with her speech in her hand, goes to the function and takes her seat. There is opening prayer, introduction of chairman and all of that [but] only gets to the microphone and realizes that there is a wrong speech in her hand after she had started reading. Is she qualified to be a minister? She should have dismissed at that time not now? he stressed.

The Insight Editor said ?It is a big mess! This deputy minister has caused an irreparable damage to the government. The gravity of what she has said is serious; I am frightened?.

Kwesi Pratt said the police erred in arresting the driver who is alleged to have recorded the private conversation because ?he (driver) was protecting the Constitution?.

?The 1992 Constitution enjoins every citizen of Ghana to take every possible action to protect the state so let us assume that the driver recorded her, was he not acting in defense of the constitution when there are clear allegations of abuse of constitutional rights? YES? he exclaimed.



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