The Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with focus on the youth, has sensitized some students on their rights and responsibilities with regard to juvenile justice within the New Juaben Municipality.

A cross section of the beneficiary students.png17726 (1)The project, which is a community level engagement between young people and the Police is under the theme ??Securing the future of young people in Ghana through improved juvenile Services ??.

Superintendent of Police, Mrs Eunice Anor of the Eastern Regional Domestic Violence and Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service said, in case a juvenile is arrested, the police are to inform at least one parent or a close relative after the arrest, adding that, the juvenile shall have the right of access to legal advice upon arrest, the right to remain silent and the right to legal aid.

She indicated that, a juvenile is not allowed to be questioned or interviewed by the police in relation to any alleged offence unless a parent, lawyer or close relative is around.

Mrs Anor enlightened the students further and said, a juvenile is detained separately from adults, adding that, a juvenile shall be under the care of an adult of the same sex when detained.

She emphasized that, a juvenile detained have the right to food and medical care if required, reasonable visit from parents, lawyers and close relatives, as well as any other reasonable condition required for the welfare of the juvenile.

She advised the children not to take matters into their own hands and commit crime but should confide in their parents and elders in the society.

Mrs Modupe Anorkplim Nukunu, Project Manager of the NGO, explained that, the project is to sensitize and create awareness among the youth on juvenile justice in the country and it has recorded good results and brought changes to the communities they have visited.

She said information gathered by the beneficiary students goes a long way to help them demand their rights when their rights are being abused.

She indicated that, the project is being undertaken in the Eastern and Western Regions of the country and has benefited a host of children.

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