We must be aware of the term ‘clusters of computers’ these days. It is nothing but the group of central processing units (CPUs) working together as the single unit. When the requirement for running large programs or increasing the performance of systems comes into the focus, then the need for high availability cluster is seen. As long as cost effectiveness is concerned, then any new computer would be costlier option than any computer with the clustered system. When it is the matter of Linux High Availability, it is found to be very much popular concept these days.

As long as Linux High Availability is concerned, then it helps maintain a set of building blocks for high availability cluster systems. And the entire system includes a huge number of resource agents for a plenty of application, a cluster messaging layer, a plumbing library and error reporting toolkit.


This kind of high availability cluster solution helps in distributing workload across multiple processors.

This solution can be blended with different software recovery techniques, which can ensure highly accessible environment to the users. Moreover, it increases the overall reliability, serviceability and availability of the working environment. Linux clusters come up with many benefits like, reliability and easy maintenance, faster recovery and platform standard.

With the use of operating system like Linux, different cluster managers become able to manage the user nodes. As far as management of the nodes is concerned, then any tool used would be cluster management subsystem CMAN and CMAN tool program.

This kind of CMAN tool command is available for connecting the nodes to cluster. Also, it helps removing another cluster node. Other features of it include converting the value of the expected cluster and leaving the cluster.

When we are applying high availability cluster, we should be conscious about the consequences of commands issued through CMAN tool. At the time of using Linux cluster’s commands incorrectly, we must know that all cluster nodes may get affected, causing huge data loss. If this kind of problem crops up, then taking the help of third party application called Linux Data Recovery solution would be wiser. In this kind of data recovery system, one extensive scanning technique would be involved.

In that case, we must mention here that backup and recovery is very much required in any business. Windows Disaster Recovery should also be ready, while we are using Windows operating system for our business.

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