Cars parked near CPS. KCCA says all cars parked illegally will be towed away. Photo by Stephen Wandera

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has issued an order stopping drivers from parking their vehicles in areas not demarcated as parking lots.
Confirming the move yesterday, KCCA said express penalties in form of a charge will be preferred against offenders.

“By virtue of the Authority’s mandate under the Kampala Capital City Act 2010 to control and manage public vehicle parking in Kampala, the general public is hereby cautioned to immediately desist from parking on all pavements,” City Executive Director Jennifer Musisi said in a statement.

According to KCCA Spokesperson Peter Kaujju, the directive does not exclude government vehicles which have always been found parking on the roads.
“As it is written in the Act, all vehicles that will be found parked as afore said, shall be impounded and towed away at the expense of the offender,” Mr Kaujju told this newspaper by telephone.

Although an official fine has not been discussed by top officials at the Kampala governing body, sources who preferred anonymity told this Daily Monitor that offenders will pay a fine of not less than Shs40,000.

The officials also observed that many commercial buildings in the city do not have ample parking space for their clients, considering the fact that many of the mushrooming arcades have partitioned ground floors into lock-up shops.

Respecting the law
In light of this, Mr Kaujju said: “It is a bit of a challenge to the authority but the people should make sure that they make use of the available parking space and that they are not caught breaking the law.”

In the past, various people, including politicians, have expressed concern over the structural arrangement of the city, which has heavy traffic and a poor drainage system.
The development comes just a week after KCCA took over the management of the city transport system and assumed all responsibility for all parks that have for the last 19 years been managed by Uganda Taxi Drivers and Operators Association (Utoda).

However, KCCA says the new development does not in any way have a connection to the Utoda incident since it was bound to be enacted a week ago. The development might force thousands of people to leave their vehicles at home if KCCA fails to provide an alternative parking space.

Meanwhile, this paper understands that in the recent past, KCCA has failed to enact the parking law as several trucks have been given a deadline that blocks them from parking by the roadside but they have defied the directive.

By Abdu Kiyaga, Daily Monitor


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