Julius Malema

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has chastised South Africa?s ruling government, the African National Congress (ANC) stating they are worse than Apartheid that deprived blacks of their rights.

Malema, who was once a leading member of the ANC, alleged that the party, lead by President Jacob Zuma has failed South Africans, especially blacks, woefully and must face prosecution.

The EFF leader was speaking to teeming supporters at the North West Provincial Manifesto rally in Montshioa, North West Province, South Africa.

South African news outfit, News24 reported that Malema alleged that Jacob Zuma, who is running for office in the May 7 elections, is enjoying a luxurious life while poor South Africans are still living in abject poverty.

?Zuma must be arrested for stealing from the poor. Zuma must rot in jail? Zuma does not belong among us,? News24 quoted the EFF leader as saying.

Touching on allegations that Jacob Zuma spent R246 million ($23 million) on the makeover of his private residence in Nkanda, KwaZulu-Natal, Malema disclosed that he has personally started taking steps to see the South African president arrested.

?Zuma will be arrested soon?I am going to meet the police on Monday to give them evidence that Zuma stole from the poor. We have opened a criminal case against him in Pretoria,? he said.

Malema bemoaned the poor infrastructure in the North West which he said had collapsed since 1994 when the ANC took over the affairs of South Africa.

According to him, the ANC government inherited solid infrastructure but ?Today, it is a dumping centre. Streets are riddled with potholes as big as a swimming pool in Nkandla.?

Alleging that the ANC is worse that Apartheid, Malema said the government ?built RDP houses that collapsed after the handing over ceremony. The house literally follows them after the handover. They gave you taps not water. They installed electric cable in your houses and not electricity.?

The May 7 National and Provincial Elections will be a heated race between Jacob Zuma?s ANC, Julus Malema?s EFF, Helen Zille?s Democratic Alliance (DA), Mosiuoa Lekota?s Congress of the People and Mangosuthu Buthelezi?s Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP).

The polls will also see the election of 400 members to the National Assembly of South Africa.

Myjoyonline.com?s checks on the political scene in Durban, KwaZulu Natal reveal a relatively calm atmosphere with many people going about their daily activities.

Except of a few political billboards, and posters, it is difficult for visitors to know that there is an impending elections. Most of these billboards are of Jacob Zuma?s ANC which is urging blacks to vote for their ?own?.

Some South Africans who spoke to Myjoyonline.com, on condition of anonymity, disclosed that while there are small pockets of political rallies across the country, things will peak at about three weeks to the elections.

Ernest Dela Aglanu


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