Scared by the possibility of facing Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) in next year?s presidential elections, President Goodluck Jonathan has met with governors of the Peoples? Democratic Party (PDP) on how to stop the former Head of State.According to reports, some of the governors had asked President Jonathan for ?a Buhari challenge?, while others were said to have dismissed it, saying that he stands no chance of defeating the President in 2015 if he emerged as the candidate of the All Progressives Congress.


Also discussed was the issue of endorsements by governors in their states which was a growing concern.


A source at the meeting who spoke on condition of anonymity said Jonathan warned the governors against supporting unpopular candidates as their successors in their respective states.

?The President said he was not against us (governors) picking our candidates, but that we should make sure we have a popular person without blemish. He said such a candidate must also be acceptable to the generality of the members of the party in our states and that the candidates must be able to win the election.

?It is wrong to say the President is against us. He also said that we should make sure that the candidate must have a clean record so that the opposition will not capitalise on this against such a candidate at the election petition tribunal,? he said.

The source further explained that they also discussed the desire of some of the outgoing governors to contest for senatorial seats on the PDP platform, adding that no agreement was reached on this but they agreed to have another round of discussions which would involve the national leadership of the party.

Source: Global Village Extra


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