About 24 hours ago, bombs were detonated and worshippers shot at a church in the university

President Goodluck Jonathan, on Monday morning, condemned the terrorist attack on the Bayero University Campus in Kano which  killed worshippers at a church on Sunday morning.

He expressed regret at the incident, describing it as “heinous descent to new depths of calumny by the perpetrators of the attack on one of the nation’s most hallowed citadels of academic endeavour and its members”.  

Jonathan urged Nigerians to remain united in their condemnation and rejection of the terrorists “who have shown even more clearly by their latest attacks on the media and the academic community that their objective is to destabilise the nation and its vital institutions”.

The President conveyed his deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of members of the Bayero University Community who lost their lives in the attack.

As the nation mourns another tragic loss, Jonathan urged Nigerians not to “succumb to despair over the persistence of the terrorist attacks, but to remain assured that the Federal Government is doing everything possible to ensure that Nigeria overcomes the scourge of mindless terrorism”.

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