Tight security intensified at JNIA

Julius Nyerere International Airport. (File photo)

Julius Nyerere International Airport. (File photo)

The Director of JNIA, Eng Thomas Haule, made the revelation in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, stressing that the aim was to ensure tight security to customers, aircrafts and cargos.

“We are planning a thorough screening of all the deliveries by Tanzania posts, that means there parcels and other deliveries will be lined to be screened twice before being packed on aircraft for transportation,” he said.

He said the corporation has been criticised for involving in smuggling, transporting narcotics, ivory, bhang, among other prohibited items. “We have been receiving several mails from Holland and other areas, noting to have seized several parcels of narcotics, ivory, bhang among other controlled items from Tanzania,” he noted.

According to Eng Haule, the parcels containing restricted items are transported and labelled different names such as vegetables, water, clothes, among others. He attacked TPC for lacking enough strong control system in postal courier services towards avoiding smuggling and exportation of prohibited items.

Alongside that, Eng Haule criticised some TPC workers for involving themselves in the exportation of such prohibited items, saying that the move tarnishes the good image of the airport and the country at large.

On the other hand, the Acting Security Manager at JNIA, Mr David Ngaragi, vowed that the management has planned intensive investigation to ensure all the people involved in the smuggling and other unwanted insecurity issues at the airport are arrested.

“Airports are highly regulated organisations, a lot of international and local firms are regulating them in order to ensure security for the passengers in and outside the country,” he said, pointing out those involved or plans to sabotage the airport at the JNIA would be restricted.

He said that several workers of the airports among others, have been arrested for involving in exportation of prohibited items, some indulging in smuggling and their cases were underway.

By ANNE ROBI, Tanzania Daily News


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