Former AU Comission Chairman Mr Jean Ping, whose house was vandalized by a group of young people earlier in the week could face trial and possibly jail time for charges of physical and moral torture on the youths, stated Attorney General Sidonie Flore Ouwe yesterday live on television.

AU head Dr Jean Ping
Dr Jean Ping

Reading articles from the charter of Human Rights regarding torture, the attorney reminded that torture is against Gabonese Constitution and that nothing could justify the act. Minutes after they had been arrested, pictures had surfaced on social media showing the group of thugs in their underwear sitting on the road and one picture showed a young man with his feet and hands tied up.

Mrs Ouwe did say that the youths involved in the act of destroying private property would also be charged, however most of the statement could be defined as a warning, if not a strong indication that Mr Ping could face trial in the upcoming days. Jean Ping could face up to 10 years in jail as well as 1 million cfa francs.



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