Ghana political parties

Ghana political parties

The Progressive People?s Party (PPP) said on Wednesday it would confront and defeat the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) election machines.


To achieve this, the Party said it would rescue and deliver the people of Ghana from the two political parties under whose governments Ghanaians continued to endure a vicious cycle of mind boggling levels of poverty, destitution and neglect.

Mrs Mary Ankomah Boakye-Boateng, Vice-Chairperson of the Party at a press conference, said the PPP condemned in no uncertain terms the arbitrary decision by some civil society players and their accomplices in political parties to entrench the use of ?political parties with representation in Parliament,? as a means of deciding what defined a legitimate political party.

According to her, this was against the moral fabric of the Constitution of Ghana and the freedom of association, saying ?Ghana is not and will not be a two-party state? and called on all parties to reject the notion.

Mrs Boakye-Boateng said PPP was the first to make suggestions after the Election 2012, to the Electoral Commission for comprehensive electoral reforms in Ghana.

?We have since been advocating strongly for the strengthening of the Commission and the process of conducting elections,? she said.

She said the party was still committed to its ?Agenda for Change? which was based on the four pillars of Incorruptible and Competent Leadership, Education, Healthcare and Jobs; and in the true spirit of inclusiveness, and that the PPP offered to deliver open and accountable governance as a means of ensuring national development and quality leadership.

The PPP, she said, had remained resolute in strengthening grassroots level participation through the proper organisation of its polling stations, and that the party was currently conducting constituency elections, to be followed by its regional and national conferences to elect officers respectively for those levels.

She said PPP also planned to elect its Parliamentary candidates by the end of 2014 so as to present the party?s plans to the electorates earlier enough for consideration.

Mrs Boakye-Boateng said being relatively new on the political scene, the party was fully aware of the challenges it faced, adding ?all we need is for the majority of Ghanaians to realise that they do not have to accept mediocrity and who they vote for, determines their condition of life, their opportunities to get jobs and their ability to live a healthy life.?

She appealed to all religious leaders in the country to initiate ?intensive prayers for the renewal of the minds of the electorate from now to the next Election Day, to enable them to make the right choices for their own deliverance from the perpetual economic bondage.?

The Vice-Chairperson also used the occasion to announce a number of activities lined up for the Party?s second anniversary, which include an anniversary lecture to be addressed by Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, PPP Presidential Candidate in Election 2012, and a presentation of policy papers on its education and health programmes as was presented in the Election 2012.

She said the party would also identify and assist communities which lacked clean and potable water with boreholes.

She added that the party would institute a ?PPP Day? on every Friday in May in which all party members would wear their party colours, and conduct drive time and market day activities to raise public awareness on its plans for Ghana and the party?s existence. GNA


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