Rapper, singer and Poet from the Oseikrom based music group,?MAKERZ? believes that people who think Paedae is a wack rapper are just haters.

Paedae, rapper and CEO of R2bees has been addressed recently by the multitude as a wack rapper, but to me that is no fact but a mere opinion. A wise geek once said,?An opinion is a belief; it is normally subjective, meaning that it can vary based on a person?s perspective, emotions, or individual understanding of something?, and therefore I?d like to share my view.

From my point of view, these people are blind to the fact that Paedae is one of the top lyricists in Africa as a whole. These people strongly base on the delivery and the use of unnecessary and

unfamiliar words. Even top rappers in the world, Jay Z as an example sometimes raps off beat. These same rappers at times, talk about things far from their part of? world and even the things in Africa.

Though the people in that society wouldn?t know about some of these things, it educates them. So if you say Paedae is not a good rapper because he raps off beat and also uses phrases and words that mostly the people in the western part would relate to, then you are just being a hater because Paedae as a rapper, also educates Ghanaians in a way and that?s the mark of every good lyricist like myself.

I strongly believe that these people hate the amazing success of the rapper and should put a stop to that. Paedae all the way!


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