Consumers have reacted angrily to news that an adaptor for the iPhone 5, which users will have to buy to continue using their Apple accessories, will cost ?25.

The new phone ? unveiled at a highly-anticipated launch event in San Francisco  ? features a ?Lightning? connector that renders millions of speakers, car kits and other accessories obsolete.

Users of the new iPhone will have to buy at least one adaptor ? available exclusively from Apple ? if they want to continue using devices designed for the 30 pin port on older Apple products.

Apple devotees have complained about the design and cost of the adaptor, and the fact that it is not available until October ? after the phone itself is launched on September 21.

And UK consumers are angry that they have to pay at least ?25 for the gadget ? almost 50% more than those in the US.

The respected technology website Gizmodo was scathing about the adaptor, branding it ?ugly? and accusing Apple of a ?money-printing racket? for charging $29 for the American version.

Farhad Manjoo, Slate?s technology columnist, described the new dock as the ?one major problem? with the iPhone 5.

He wrote: ?I?ve also got lots of charging cords sitting around my house, all designed to power up my phone and iPad wherever I go.

?Now all those things ? tens of millions of iOS-compatible accessories ? have been rendered obsolete.

?The only way to plug the new iPhone and iPods into gadgets bearing the old dock is to buy an ungainly adapter.

?Apple will sell you the adapter for $29, which is the definition of being unfriendly to your customers.?

Some users of social networks said the feature had taken the sheen off Apple?s otherwise glossy launch of the new phone.

One wrote on Twitter: ?The iPhone 5 has a different charger and you have to buy a separate adapter to plug it in. That?s so annoying.?

Speaking at the iPhone 5 launch, Phil Schiller, Apple?s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said: ?The iPhone from its start used the 30 pin connector, and it has served us well. A lot has changed and it is time for the connector to evolve ? and our new connector is called Lightning.?

The iPhone 5 has received a generally positive reception from technology experts, although many have been left underwhelmed by leaks ahead of the launch and a perception that the device lacks genuinely ground-breaking new features.

Mat Honan from Wired said the phone is ?an amazing triumph of technology? but ?every bit as exciting as a 25mph drive through a sensible neighbourhood at a reasonable time of day?.

The Wall Street Journal?s Jessica Vascellaro said: ?The iPhone 5 doesn?t have several features that are becoming standard across other smartphones ?

?Even some hard-core Apple fans questioned whether the iPhone can continue to trail blaze or if it?s becoming a snoozer.?

Some of Apple?s main suppliers saw their shares fall immediately after the launch.

In South Korea, supplier LG Display and chipmaker SK Hynix were down 1.99% and 1.58% respectively, while component maker TDK added 3.71% in Tokyo.

In Taipei, assembler Hon Hai Precision was flat, while metal-casing producer Catcher Technology dropped 2.4%, and lens maker Largan Precision lost 0.92%.

source: skynews


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