iOS app development is getting popular among the developers, where they are moving towards the Apple platform rather than giving emphasize on Android platform. This may be a real bad news for Google, but the recent studies say that only. According to a recent study conducted by SynapseIndia, developers are almost three times more likely to start development of an iOS App than to start an Android App.

The base of the survey was originated from a global study done by Flurry, a market analytics observer whose study was conducted among 55,000 companies across the globe. His observation says that more than 73 percent of developers are working on iOS projects during the 4th quarter of 2011 compared to just 27 percent working on Android. It is a proved fact that the usages and needs of Android apps development have decreased over the years.

The hype of popularity has been shown among the Android developers during the initial days of launching when Android’s newest OS Ice-cream Sandwich.

However, soon the Android platform has been receiving declination from the developers. Android app developers are showing disagreement to take up Android based projects, while they are more likely to move to Apple iOS. While there may be a number of reasons behind this conservative downfall, among the major ones the first may be the launch of iPhones on two new networks. Earlier iPhone was exclusively available only on ATT’s network. After three years of exclusivity, the recent shift of networks has made it available for a greater section of users. This made the developers to fall more for iOS platform. The launch of iPad2 and iPhone S is also a major reason why developers are more likely to work on Apple’s platform rather than on its Android counterpart. Saying all that, we cannot deny the importance of the monitory factor that lies here. It is a fact that a developer can earn 300 percent more revenue my developing an Apple app while android application development cannot currently offer such great value.

Whatever the reason may be, the crux of the matter is, Apple seems not to be ready to move from its position being the ruler of the industry. Although Android tried to give a major shake to its competitor, however, it seems not to be winning the race as of now. In such a scenario, it will be interesting to see, what future unfolds for this ongoing turmoil between the two platforms.

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