Journalists and anyone working with infographics can compete.

Hand in Hand International, an organization fighting poverty through business and job creation, is launching a competition on infographics that demonstrate why jobs are important if we are to beat poverty.

Participants can use Hand in Hand results and research, as well as reliable data and research from other reputable organizations to be used. Entries will be judged on the infographic’s general design, and how effectively it illustrates the story, visualizes the data, and is easy to understand.

The winner will receive GBP500 (US$817) and an endorsement/analysis of winning entry by Hans Rosling used on a CV. The winning work will be published in print and online by Hand in Hand International.

Entrants should include a short biography, the title of the infographic and a brief description.

The deadline is Jan. 24.

For more information, click here (PDF).


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