To guide supermarket operators and traders on consumer rights enforcement

The Imo State Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has called for the co-operation of supermarket operators and allied traders in the state, for better consumer rights protection.

The acting General Manager, Imo State Consumer Protection Committee (ISCPC), Obioma Uzoma, made this call at a seminar for supermarkets and allied traders in Owerri on Wednesday.

He said the call became necessary considering trade abuses, adulteration, exploitation, and dealings in fake and unwholesome goods and products by manufacturers.

Uzoma said the workshop was aimed at sensitising all stakeholders involved in the manufacturing, distribution and retail of consumer products and services.

“It is to ensure that everyone appreciates the position of ISCPC for proper consumer rights protection. The committee has begun its meeting with these trade groups for possible registration for the granting of ISCPC permits to dealers in consumer goods and services.”

Uzoma went further to state that the plan would provide a platform to guide committee workers on the expectations of the government concerning consumer rights enforcement.

Also speaking at the seminar, the Imo Director of Co-operatives, Cyprain Onuoha, said co-operatives played various roles as the institutional framework for harnessing economic growth, and urged the traders to embrace them.

“Co-operatives remain the only organ to fight poverty and under-development. Hence, they should be embraced by all, irrespective of one’s status in the society,” Onuoha said.

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