The embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome will soon be haul before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, after he turned down an earlier invitation.?PAC is in the process of using the police service, the IGP for that matter to compel Alfred Woyome to appear before it.

Information gathered has it that the Chairman of the Committee will soon be writing to the Inspector General of Police, Paul Tawiah Quaye, to produce Mr Woyome before the Committee to respond to questions about a GH?51.2 million judgement debt award he obtained under circumstances the government contends were fraudulent.

Although Mr Woyome was subpoenaed to appear before PAC, today,?Thursday, after he had turned down initial summons, he again, for the third time refused to appear before the PAC upon invitation, insisting that once he was already standing trial in respect of the matter, he could not reasonably be expected to speak to the matters outside court.

However, the Deputy Attorney General, Anthony Gyambiby who also appeared before the Committee to respond to the issues surrounding the Ghc51.2 million judgement debt, was asked not to proceed as, hearing could not proceed in Mr. Woyome’s absence.?The Chairman of PAC who adjourned the sitting due to the absence of the principal witness, Alfred Woyome, said the Committee will write to the IGP to produce the principal witness at a later date.

But, the question still remains, whether Alfred Woyome will voluntarily submit to PAC or he will be compelled to do so., ?any citizen should respond to summons of a committee such as the PAC and that Woyome’s refusal is an affront to provisions in the constitution.

In as much as people held on to this view, others also supports Alfred Woyome’s position that as long as he still faces court hearings, he must not comment on anything that has to do with the said case outside the court.


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