McAfee Total Protection 2012 is an antivirus program designed to give you total protection from the network, offline, and online threats and make your browsing experience even better. With thousands of virus and malware threats rising today, this suite offers an all-round protection from them. To start availing the benefits of the suite, you must install McAfee Total Protection 2012 on your computer. Here is a free McAfee antivirus support guide for you. It will help you walk through the McAfee antivirus setup procedure step-by-step and install the suite without facing problems.


Grab the McAfee Total Protection 2012 setup disk and insert it in the CD-ROM drive of your computer. Wait for your computer to detect it and launch the automatic McAfee setup wizard.

If the auto-prompt does not launch, click the Start button and then click My Computer (Computer in Windows 7 and Vista). You will see the removable media drive icon besides other drives like C and/or D etc.

If you hover your mouse over the removable CD-ROM icon, you will see the McAfee setup.exe file. Double-click the file to execute the installation procedure. When prompted, click Run. Click the Next button on the McAfee Total Protection 2012 wizard screen. Wait for the wizard to extract the installation files (if you see so). It may take some time. Follow the on-screen instructions.

When prompted, click to accept the end user license agreement and click Next or Continue, whichever option you see on the screen. If prompted, select the features that you want to install from the suite.

Also register your valid email address and create a username and password for your McAfee account. Make a note of the username and password for future purposes. During the installation process, if McAfee Total Protection 2012 detects another security software (whether a trial McAfee version or a third-party program), it will prompt you to remove it.

Also, it will launch a pre- virus scan of your computer for viruses, malware, spyware etc. and remove them during the installation process. This will take some time, so be patient. When done, the program will look for the latest updates, virus and malware definitions and install them. Wait for all the updates to be installed. When done, McAfee will launch the user interface showing the security, firewall, real-time scanning, and update status of your computer. If you want to configure firewall or update settings, check the features listed under Features on the interface. Reboot your computer afterwards.

If McAfee Total Protection 2012 came pre-installed with your computer, you need not install it further. Also, you will see a McAfee icon on your desktop screen or in the system tray. Connect to the internet and McAfee will automatically prompt you to register and activate the program. Enter a username and password and a valid email address to create a McAfee account. Make a note of the details and keep it safe. When done, the program will look for updates and install them. If you desire, launch a full virus scan of your computer. Or else, configure the settings as desired.

Additional Info:

If you don’t have a McAfee setup disk and also the program did not come pre-installed with your computer, open your browser and visit the McAfee website. Look for the McAfee Total Protection 2012 and buy it. Create an account, make the payment, and download the program. Follow the above mentioned procedure and install it on your computer.

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