Creativity is nothing but the bunch of ideas and how you get the ideas. When you go to new places,  tsearch something in Google or meet some new people online even face to face talks give us many new ideas. First step to become more creative

 Go to New Places & Meet New People

If you know the serious writers/ script writers they always used to go new places every time. They break their routine and go in peaceful areas or as per demand of their creative writing. So, If you would like to have some creative ideas in that case this could be your first step. Break your routine life and go for new places.

Be ready & stop yourself to watch television

You must be going to laugh upon me because while I am suggesting you and myself I have been watching the television but it’s my true personal experience.

Television stops us to get active and it dulls you before start working turn it off.

 Get Ready to Walk Some Miles

If you are thinking that 20 minute walk is not productive so don’t take it so lightly because we also the part of this nature and in routine life. We don’t live with nature. In your 20 minutes walk you do have to be with nature. See the Birds, dove and squirrel. Enjoy seeing trees, flowers, walking in grass. It will help you to generate new ideas.

Do Some Creative things

If you don’t know how to be with yourself just leave your mind by him. Enjoy to drawing the portrait, getting ready to draw some lines and try to nil your mind with thoughts just pen down the things occurring into your mind at that moment.

I hope all these creative ideas will work for you and will help you to start new ideas in your life.I think you understand a basic need to develop some more creative thinking.

So remember, its totally your own thing, outer things only to have some inspiration and inside we get real motivation for a work.

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