The Upper East House of Chiefs has admitted into its fold Sandem-Nab Azaksuk Azantillow, Paramount Chief of Sandema Traditional Area.chiefs

He was sworn in together with five of his divisional chiefs.

They are Nab Akunaab Apoomwien of the Wirensi Traditional Area, Fumbisi Nab Clement Akanko Anyaatuik, Nab Akisibadek Ayuekanbey Adangabey III of Kadema and Nab Ajutia Asaamoning of Bachongsa Traditional Area and Nab Akanfebanyueta Asuik, Wiaga chief who was reported to be indisposed.
Mr James ZuugaTiigah, the Upper East Regional Minister, said the development of the Region depended on the participation of chiefs since they contributed to creating congenial and enabling atmosphere within which development could strife.
Mr Tiigah appealed to the chiefs to let truth, humility, consensus building and unity be their watchword saying, ?You must respect your colleague chiefs, subjects, political leaders and all the people within your jurisdiction at all times.?

?Remember that for meaningful development to take place, the environment must be devoid of tension, conflict, hostility divisiveness and fear?.
Naba Sigri Bewong, President of Upper East House of Chiefs, said though there were some reported cases of potential chieftaincy disputes, the Region was enjoying some peace.
He thanked especially the Minister for Chieftaincy Affairs, Dr Henry Seidu Danaa, the Upper East Regional Minister and the Coordinating Council for quick interventions to deal with cases of chieftaincy disputes.
He appealed to the chiefs to support the government?s ?first Saturday of the every month sanitation day? and to encourage their communities to take active part in the exercise and also called on traditional authorities to find ways of curbing bush burning in communities.
Nab Azaksuk Azantilow, expressed appreciation to the House and said though the move to accept the divisional chiefs was long overdue, he prayed for courage and cooperation to see his administration through.
He appealed to the government to open up the agricultural sector, making reference to vast stretches of uncultivated land in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions.
The chief said opening up of more road infrastructure would bring more development and improve agricultural business.
Nab Azaksuk Azantilow appealed to the House to join hands in reducing inflow and sale of Akpeteshie, a local gin, in the region and help the youth to stay away from consumption of such drinks to prevent increasing alcohol related diseases.



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