Like a whirl wind, she blew into my imagination

Inflecting my innocence and damaging my generation

Indispensable, there she stands with great recognition

Corny As ever

Working out her plan as an Eva

Constantly popularizing my sensation

Gradually demoralizing my impression

Continuously playing with my emotion


Around my imaginary world, goes a deep level of confusion

Between love and hate, good with imitation?

With the latter having a deeper assertion

A fool I was turned…

Like a tool for the devil, I toiled.

An uneven relationship with the Supreme was created

In the milky reign of my negativity, positivity was abated

Abhorrence was my photo…

Arrogance became my motto…

Malevolence won me lotto.


I think it?s time to go back home, in the midst of my adversity I thought, tirelessly

Against animosity, futility and generosity I fought bitterly

Without much hesitation, I began tracing my steps rapidly

Heading home like the prodigal son…

With great remorse and holiness like a nun

Intending to be redeemed by the new dawn.


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