Have you ever wanted to watch your favourite tennis match in high-definition from any room in your home? Of course, you’ll have to have a high-definition television in each room, but you don’t have to add a cable receiver box to every location. The solution is simply to use a HDMI splitter to boost the signal from the originating receiver to the other televisions. 

You’ve probably been at a sports bar or even at a hotel where there are multiple televisions displaying the same game broadcast in multiple locations throughout the facility. In some cases there is a satellite or cable receiver attached to a television set, but often there is just a large LCD console mounted on a wall or stand without a receiver nearby. The magical device that makes this work is called a HDMI splitter.  Some people refer to an HDMI splitter as an HDMI splitter switch. The purpose of this device is to display a video image and audio on multiple high-definition units without losing image or audio quality. HDMI splitters are becoming more and more popular as people are buying more high-definition televisions, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and similar devices that connect with HDMI cables. The high-definition audio and video is so superior people want to enjoy it from every room in their home.  High-definition televisions are becoming very affordable. Consumers now can pick up a nice 32-inch HDTV for the bedroom for well under $500, in some cases under $300. The problem is that people don’t want to add multiple Blu-ray players or other devices to supplement each set. That’s where the HDMI Distribution Amplifier helps out.  Example Using an HDMI Video SplitterTake the situation where you want to watch a movie like “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in high-definition from a Blue-Ray player in your living room, but on a television located in your bedroom. Just get a 2 Port HDMI Video splitter and enough CAT5 cable to go the distance from your receiver to the bedroom television area plus a few feet to be sure you have plenty of cable. A 2 Port HDMI splitter usually runs around $70 and the 30-40 feet of HDMI cable will set you back around twenty five dollars. Be sure to get cable that has the end connections in place. The HDMI splitter amplifier splits and displays one HDMI input onto two LCDs simultaneously. Each output can be extended up to 45 feet (15 meters) away from the splitter.  

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