The Informer as a body, very much interested in the election of a reputable leader for this country, as far as the 2012 general election is concerned, will continue to be active actor in the selection process as we bring to the doorstep of Ghanaians up-to-date information as regards the political landscape, particularly, personalities vying for the highest office of the land.

In fact, this paper has been following with keen interest, on-going debates between both sympathizers of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), in their attempt to promote their candidates; and we would also want to make our candid opinion known, in order to help the people of this country make an informed decision.

Ever since Nana Akufo-Addo became the leader of the NPP; date back in 2007, and somewhere early last year, a particular song that has become common within the NPP family is that of the flagbearer’s track record. This we wonder whether he has any to show as to convincing Ghanaians why they should vote for him to become President of this respectable country.
Having listened to both sides as they try to sell their candidates, it is, therefore, important and appropriate that, as an entity with many followers and very reputable, we put the ice on the cake, by setting the records straight; so that Ghanaians will not regret their decisions.
Aside the raging debate among sympathizers of both political parties, the paper’s verdict to interrogate the matter, is as a result of the NPP’s flagbearer’s pronouncement during their last Saturday rally, at which he tries to dare His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills of a proof of records and achievements. The Informer wonders whether this man, Akufo-Addo, listens to himself whenever he mounts political platform to address his party members.
Addressing NPP party sympathizers at the Mantse Agbona, in Accra last Saturday, the NPP flagbearer said the sitting-President has nothing to prove, and because his advisors are having it difficult to campaign based on realities on the ground, and the poor record of the NDC as a party; and that the NDC rather has resorted to vitriolic attacks on him.
According to Nana Addo, the President and his advisors have decided that they cannot campaign on his records; they cannot campaign on his performance; he cannot campaign on the programme he has for future of this country; he cannot campaign against ‘my public record’. We are completely at a loss as to what Nana Addo meant by his ‘public record’ which will be of a threat to the NDC and for that matter, President John Evans Atta Mills.
The Informer was not interested in that rally of the NPP, until its flagbearer in his address brought to fore, the issue of his ‘public record’, simply because, apart from this particular comments, all that was said by him and other speakers like the hotheaded Kennedy Agyepong and Anthony Karbo were all hogwash; and nothing worth writing home about.
We don’t know, eulogizing the bottoms of dead woman, superintending over the distribution of diplomatic passports to drug barons including his brother-in-law, Raymond Amankwah were to become ‘good’ track record he wants Ghanaians to believe him for, and so to vote for him to become President.
Perhaps, fondling of women, being captured in the Wikileaks as a notorious womanizer and a wee smoker, as well as drug addiction are the enviable records he thinks will enable him win the election.
The least talk about the three NPP Dzorwulo women busted for trafficking cocaine, the better; since this alone can cause him in the upcoming election.
Indeed, the public record statement by the NPP flagbearer will only go a long way to haunt him, so he better refrain from such pronouncements, since the track record of President Mills far out-weighs his.
After all, the President has not been cited in any report as a wee smoker; he has not fondled the breast of any make-up artist or eulogized the bottom of any dead woman. So Akufo Addo better shut up with his so-called public record.

By: The Informer


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