Hanna-Tettehs-sonSo the s*x video involving the son of a Minister and the daughter of former university lecturer (not the vice chancellor), has been blocked from being shared on Whatsapp and Facebook IN GHANA ALONE.

Ghanaians outside the country say they are able to share it on Whatsapp and Facebook. Meanwhile some hackers have broken the code and now have a version they are sharing on Whatsapp in Ghana now.

1. Why did Whatsapp and Facebook block it?

2. Did someone report – if yes, who, and what did the person report?

3. Did they report child p*rnography – if so, does it confirm the girl involved is actually 15 years old?

4. What are the legal issues involved – could anybody be held for making, storing, distributing, and receiving child porn material?

News circulating on social media indicates that, a son of Ghana?s foreign minister, Hannah Tetteh is alleged to be involved in a s*x scandal. It is alleged that a video of two university students fiercely banging their heads out in a car is that of the Ministers son and another girl. The Minister and her alleged son are yet to comment on this allegation.
This video happens to coincide with another video of a guy and a lady in a hot s*x session and glaringly filming themselves in the act.
What is happening to our once decent and moral society?
Is it to do with the surge in social media, western culture or development? I am sure this is a debate that can never be exhausted, your guess is as good as mine.

Story culled from Samuel Dowuona’s facebook wall



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