One observation I?ve made in recent times is how so many people grumble about the people they?ve chosen to be their life partners. You talk to people already in the marriage institution and one thing they stress on is the fact that you have to settle with someone you know much about and probably understand and can tolerate. That brings these questions to mind?? do people settle with people they hardly know much about??  and  ?why do married men and women regret ever settling with people they are tangled up with?? All these question lead to the fact that so many people change after marriage. As to why they do change after marriage know one can actually tell unless of course, they confess the real reasons why they entered marriage.

People change after marriage for different reasons and for their spouses, it can be quite a shock to think that they have one thing and then discover that it is what they had expected but with a little more surprises. We have heard stories of men saying their wife was so much fun and adventurous before they got married and then changed into a nagging monster after their wedding; some women have also said that their man was a romantic and understanding person but became prosaic and controlling after they got married. Sometimes the changes could even be as simple as a good habit or routine being broken! Of course you don?t expect people to act same when their age increases. As people grow or mature, they change in the way they do things. Responsibility is also another big reason why people change.  Once a person is married, he or she will have to find ways of keeping his or her family together. Most men work very hard to keep their family in one good shape. Responsibility like taking care of children is one very thing that changes women completely. That?s where most nagging begin, from the kids to the husband.

With such a change, no one can blame the other much since they are somehow bound to happen expect for the fact that you wouldn?t want to have a family though when things change or are a little different from what we have purposely chosen we often become unhappy.  There are many people who cannot deal with their partner?s changes, and are not sure if they should learn to cope with the new changes. The success of the marriage depends on the ability of the couple to access the change selflessly and decide if it?s for the good of their marriage or not.  For some it could be the partner will have to learn to live with the new changes and for some it could mean that the changed partner will have to drop the new habits

Let us remember, above all, that our partners are as human as we are and humans change in reaction to new experiences. Just like some people would change when they become heads of institutions, mothers etc. Changes in personality and character can also spring up from the new experiences that marriage brings. Let?s all learn to adjust to new changes and this will help bring about happy and peaceful marriage irrespective of the changes that come.

Source : Akosua Sekyewaa Oduro


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