Ghana Standards Authority
Ghana Standards Authority

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) on Tuesday organised a programme to celebrate the 45th World Standards Day, on the theme: ?Standards Level the Playing Field.?

Ghana Standards Authority
Ghana Standards Authority

The event, which falls on October 14 each year, aims at raising global awareness among regulators, industry and consumers of the importance and benefits of standardisation to the global economy and also honour the efforts of the thousands of experts who developed voluntary standards within three worldwide standards development organizations.

Mr Kweku Ricketts Hagan, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, mentioned the organisations as the International Electro-technical Commission, International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Telecommunication Union.

He underscored the critical role of standards in the day to day activities of humans, without which the world would become unsafe for all.

He commended the GSA for the continuous efforts towards the promotion of standards in the country, because countries that attach great importance to standards enjoy satisfactory quality life to the admiration of all others.

?What this means is that, as a nation if we want to enjoy quality life, then the products we use must be seen to safe-guard our health, safety and the environment,? he said.

According to Mr Hagan standards all over the world are the same because products imported or exported into any destination must conform irrespective of their origin, thereby ?ensuring a levelled playing field for our common goal?.

Governments around the world must maintain the safety of its people as a top priority to discourage the entry of sub-standard products into their countries.

He said products leaving Ghana to other countries or coming into the country from other parts of the world must rigidly conform to standards.

Mr Hagan urged consumers to change their attitudes form patronising sub-standard goods and pay much attention to what they consume since such products could pose serious threat to their health.

He said the Ministry of Trade and Industry would support and encourage the GSA to embark on educational programmes for consumers to appreciate the importance of quality products.

Mrs Elizebeth Adedola, Deputy Executive Secretary of Ghana Standards Authority said measures are being introduced to verify compliance of products with applicable Standards and Technical Regulations and it is the responsibility of exporters to demonstrate that their products are in compliance.

She also assured stakeholders of improved services and the institution of measures to remove all barriers of trade which deals with clearance of goods at points of entry reduce delays, enhance trade facilitation, protection of health, safety and the environment among other things.

There were solidarity messages from the Association of Ghana Industries, Energy Commission, National Communication Authority and Nestle Ghana Limited, who called for the institution of pragmatic measures to halt the importation of sub-standard products unto the Ghanaian market.

They identified lack of compliance to ISO standards and other national regulations as the primary cause of the influx of sub-standard products unto the Ghanaian market.


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