Mrs. Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam
Mrs. Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam

With the ending mandate of the current Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), from the polling station to the National level, the biggest Opposition party is preparing feverishly to elect its crop of leaders to take up the mantle of leadership from 2014 and beyond.

As the time to the National elections draws close, all the National position of the (NPP), aside the National Chairmanship, General Secretary and the Youth organiser position takes shape interms of crave, attention and publicity.

The Vice Chairmanship position contest has seen a lot of names mentioned immediately after the final verdict of the Supreme Court on the 2012 election petition. Notable names were some immediate past Regional Chairman of some regions and other failed aspirants of the same position in the 2010 National elections.

As the kitchen is getting hotter, the real strength, availability and fortitude set out the boys from the men. With less than two-months for the contest, the mentioned name tied to the National Vice Chairperson position remained single interns of political character and readiness; she is Mrs. Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam.

Having served the Party from East Orange in the United States of America and Ghana since 1998 under several Committee and grassroot activities, she is now well versed with the organizational and management dynamics of the Party. It is one of the reasons why she is eyeing the Vice Chairperson?s position of the Party when given the opportunity.

As a Patron to Patriotic Volunteers of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana, she was able to empower the grassroot in training and other support geared towards maximization of membership and political strategy of the 21st century.

Ms Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam, a member of NPP Volunteer group in East Orange, Publicity Committee member, East Orange fundraising Committee Chairperson again of East Orange in the USA, she was able to help mobilize funds for Party campaign activities in both 2008 and 2012.

Again, as a member of a Special Political campaign team for elections 2012, headed by Dr. Kwame Amoako Tufuor, she assisted in giving expert political advice on some strategic party decisions. It is on this and many unmentioned that she availed herself for an opportunity to serve the Party as the first vice Chairperson of the NPP.

Mrs. Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam presents herself as a GRASSROOT and Ready to work for the Party for victory in elections 2016.


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